2005 Corvette Super Low Mileage Roadster

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2005 Corvette Super Low Mileage Roadster

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  • DSCF1857 Fotor Fotor
  • P1260126 Fotor
  • P1260027 Fotor
  • DSCF1861 Fotor
  • DSCF1844 Fotor
  • DSCF1881 Fotor
  • DSCF1892 Fotor
  • P1260143 Fotor
  • P1260140 Fotor
  • P1260145 Fotor
  • P1260146 Fotor
  • P1260142 Fotor
  • DSCF1848 Fotor
  • DSCF1854 Fotor Fotor
  • P1260127 Fotor
  • P1260130 Fotor
  • P1260132 Fotor
  • P1260133 Fotor
  • DSCF1842 Fotor
  • DSCF1885 Fotor
  • DSCF1877 Fotor
  • DSCF1902 Fotor
  • DSCF1905 Fotor
  • DSCF1843 Fotor
  • P1260139 Fotor
  • P1260141 Fotor
  • P1260144 Fotor
  • DSCF1898 Fotor
  • DSCF1835 Fotor Fotor
  • DSCF1838 Fotor Fotor
  • DSCF1857 Fotor
  • P1260157 Fotor
  • DSCF1832 Fotor Fotor
  • P1260109 Fotor
  • P1260110 Fotor
  • P1260097 Fotor
  • P1260098 Fotor
  • P1260033 Fotor
  • P1260035 Fotor
  • P1260099 Fotor
  • P1260111 Fotor
  • P1260100 Fotor
  • P1260102 Fotor
  • P1260105 Fotor
  • P1260095 Fotor

“SOLD”     “SOLD”     “SOLD”
“To A New Home In New Jersey”
“Thank You Again Jim”
“May The Sun Always Shine For You, Your Loved Ones And Your Fabulous Corvette”

Hi Jerry and Diane.
The delivery of the Corvette this morning went perfect. The driver was professional, careful and a very nice guy. This car is amazing and absolutely gorgeous. The entire transaction was by far the best vehicle purchase I’ve ever had. Thank you for making my lifelong dream come true.  



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