1960 Corvette Roadster

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1960 Corvette Roadster

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  • DSCF9263 Fotor
  • DSCF9259 Fotor
  • DSCF9317 Fotor
  • DSCF9313 Fotor
  • DSCF9266 Fotor
  • P1290899 Fotor
  • P1290901 Fotor
  • P1290902 Fotor
  • DSCF9290 Fotor
  • DSCF9243 Fotor
  • DSCF9246 Fotor
  • DSCF9257 Fotor
  • DSCF9234 Fotor
  • DSCF9248 Fotor
  • P1290876 Fotor
  • P1290878 Fotor
  • P1300009 Fotor
  • P1290879 Fotor
  • P1300005 Fotor
  • P1290963 Fotor
  • P1300001 Fotor
  • P1290889 Fotor
  • P1290892 Fotor
  • P1290895 Fotor
  • DSCF9309 Fotor
  • DSCF9301 Fotor
  • DSCF9324 Fotor
  • DSCF9280 Fotor
  • DSCF9281 Fotor
  • DSCF9297 Fotor
  • DSCF9302 Fotor
  • P1300014 Fotor
  • P1300046 Fotor
  • P1300023 Fotor
  • P1300029 Fotor
  • P1300031 Fotor
  • P1300035 Fotor
  • P1300038 Fotor
  • P1300037 Fotor

“SOLD”     “SOLD”     “SOLD”
“To A New Home In Oregon”
“Thanks Again Terry!!!”
“May The Sun Always Shine For You, Your Loved Ones And Your Fabulous Corvette!!!”


I just wanted to thank you for the great 1960 Corvette. I’ve wanted this body style for years and you made the buying experience over the top. You held the car for me for a week until I could get there to look at it. I’m sure you could have sold it easily before I got there, but you’re a man of your word and I appreciate that. Thank you very much, and Happy Holidays. The next time I’m looking for a car, I will check out your inventory first.
Terry Fisher


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