1961 Corvette Roadster

1961 Corvette Roadster

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“Just In”
“This Incredible High Horse Fuelie”
“One Of 385 Produced In These Fabulous Colors!!!”
“How Few Featured This Stunning Jewel Blue Interior?”
“How Few Can Possibly Remain This Immaculate?”
“Life Is Short —— Enjoy Your Ride!!!”
“Price On Request”
“Phone Or Write To
 Make It Happen”

“Check Out This Fabulous ’61 Fuel Injected Roadster”
“The “Crown Jewel”  From A Corvette Lover’s Private Collection”
“Same Collector Owner For The Past 60 Years!!!”
“Vette Vues Magazine”Cover Car” (magazine included)


“Initially Purchased By Dale Jones In The Early 60’s And Kept With His Collection Until He Passed A Few Years Ago. Mr. Jones Considered This Corvette “The Centerpiece” And Looked After Her With Great Pride And Attention. Throughout The Years, He And His Wife Enjoyed Touring The Country Roads Near Their Home In The Pennsylvania Mountains. At Some Point, Car Shows Became An Interest And For Best Results, A Freshening Was Undertaken. Respecting What Essentially Was An Original, Unmolested Survivor, Mr. Jones Elected To Refinish The Original Colors With A Factory-Correct Lacquer Finish. Seat Covers And Carpeting Were Also Replaced At This Time. The Results Were Stunning (Awarded A Corvette Magazine Cover Photo) And She Remains “Jewel-Like” Today.

“She Retains Her Original, Numbers Matching Drivetrain Along With Many Other Original Components Including Her Correctly Numbered Brake Drums (see photos). Original Documents Include The Owner’s Manual, Manual Envelope, Warranty Booklet, Radio Instructions, Clock Instructions, Antique License Plate With Frame, Original Upholstery Tags, Factory Provided Hardtop Wrench And Mr. Jones Handwritten, Framed “Show Board” From The Early Days Of His Ownership. After Years Of Storage, Another Refresh Was Once Again In Order. Our Comprehensive Pre-sale Prep Includes Testing, Servicing, Restoring Or Replacing System Components As Needed. Installation Of New Weatherstrips Throughout. Exterior, Interior And Undercarriage Cosmetics Are Also Addressed At This Time And Brought To Show Car Levels.  We Road Test To Evaluate And Sort Out Any Needs Found. Our Goal Is To Provide The Next Owner With A Gorgeous Machine That’s Highly Detailed And Ready For Their Care-free Driving Pleasure.”

“Original #s Matching Drivetrain”
“Original Body Panels With Excellent Alignment, Fit, Gaps And Factory Bonding Strips”
“Optional 283/315 High Horse Fuelie V8!! (#s match)
“Original Fuel Injection Unit, Cylinder Heads, Manifolds, Distributor, Ignition Shields, Aluminum Radiator + Much More”

“Optional Four-Speed Manual Transmission”
“Original Shift Linkage With Reverse Lock-out”

“Optional 4.11 Positraction Rear Axle”
“Factory High Flow Exhaust” (see photos)

“Stunning Ermine White With Optional Sateen Silver Coves”
“Super Rare Jewel Blue Interior Appointments”
“Newly Installed White Convertible Soft Top” (Al Knoch)
“Optional Auxiliary Hardtop With Original USA Tool/Wrench”

“Original Wonder Bar Radio”
“Original Seat Belts”
“Original LOF Safety Plate Glass In Excellent Condition”
“T3 Headlamps”
“Courtesy Lights” — “Windshield Washers” — “Park Brake Warning Light”
“Heater” – “Defroster” – “Sun Visors”

“Beautifully Finished Trunk Compartment Features The Original Trunk Mat, Spare Wheel, Tire, Tools & Jack”
 “Brilliant Original Chrome & Stainless Trim” (see photos)
“Amazing Chassis Details Featuring A Beautiful Frame And Uncoated Floor Pans” (see photos)
“Highly Detailed Engine Compartment With Most Original Components In Place (see photos)

“Optional 6.70 x 15  Wide WSW Tires”
“Excellent Original Wheel Covers”

“She’s Stunning And Pure Automotive Jewelry”

“Discovering Any 60+ Year Old Automobile In This Condition Would Be A Dream Come True And A Next To Impossible Find. When That Dream Car Turns Out To Be A Classic Corvette Fuelie In These Colors With This Equipment And Pedigree ———– It Could Easily Be A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity!!!”

Current Hagerty Valuation

#1 Concours $151,000.

Add Below Value Adjustments

 +10% for 4-Speed Transmission    +$1,000 for Wonder Bar Radio.   +$3,500 For Hard Top.

Condition #1 vehicles are the best in the world. The visual image is of the best vehicle, in the right colors, driving onto the lawn at the finest concours. Perfectly clean, the vehicle has been groomed down to the tire treads. Painted and chromed surfaces are mirror-like. Dust and dirt are banned, and materials used are correct and superbly fitted. The one word description for #1 vehicles is “concours.”



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