1965 Corvette 350 HP Custom Roadster

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1965 Corvette 350 HP Custom Roadster

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“Check Out This Stunning
Sting Ray Roadster”
“Matching #s L79 350 HP V8”
“Turbo 350 Auto Transmission”
“Posi Rear Axle”
“Power Steering & Power Disc Brakes”
“Tastefully Customized —– Perhaps She’s The Perfect ‘Vette For You!!!”
“Life Is Short — Enjoy Your Ride”
“Phone Or Write Now
To Make Her Yours!!!”
“Price On Request”
[email protected]




“As Stated By Many In The Know —— “Forget About Finding Your Exact Dream Car. You Can’t Order A Sixty Year Old Classic To Your Specs And Expect It Will Show Up. Just Get Over It And Settle For Something Less!!!”

“Most Of Us Realize This Is True And Learn To Accept It. There Are Exceptions, Please Read On.”

“Consider This Situation. You’ve Decided To Commission A Full Body-Off Restoration Of Your Current Sting Ray, A Milano Maroon Roadster Equipped With The L79 V8, A 4-Speed Transmission, Minimal Options, A Black Soft Top And The Standard Black Vinyl Interior. A Nice Combination For Sure But Your Wants And Needs Are For Something Quite Different. Your Dream Car Has Always Been A Stingray Roadster Finished In Rally Red With A White Soft Top And A White Leather Interior. Your Dream Must Also Feature An Optional V8 With Strong Horsepower, An Updated Automatic Transmission, Power Steering And Power Disc Brakes. As Long As We’re Dreaming —– Add In The Desirable Side Exhaust System, A Gleaming Set Of Knock-Off Alloy Wheels, The Intimidating Big Block Hood And A Custom Tilt Steering Column For Easier Access. Complimenting The Dream —– A High End Sony, Custom Designed Sound System To Enhance Cruising Pleasure. 
Waiting For This Dream Car To Show Up In The Classifieds Was An Option, But Not A Very Good One!!! 
“For One Owner, The Time Had Come To Fulfill His Dream —- The Results Speak For Themselves!!!”
“Study These Photos, She Is Truly An Amazing Corvette!!!”

“Fresh Detailing And Comprehensive Pre-Sale Prep By Coffees Corvettes”
“Fully Sorted, She’s Now Ready To Become Your “Dream Car”!!!

“Coffee’s was established in 1975 at this very same location. Classic cars, especially Corvettes are now, and always have been our passion, hobby and livelihood. We have never sought a high volume of sales, but rather chose to offer fewer selections to include some of the best cars that money can buy. To ensure our customer’s satisfaction, our cars are treated to an intensive pre-sale process which is second to none. This includes a comprehensive service of all mechanical systems (front to rear, inside and out) to ensure they are safe and functioning as the manufacturer intended. The chassis, suspension, brake and steering components are inspected, cleaned, restored, replaced or serviced as needed, Once satisfied we move to cosmetics. The exterior trim, paint finish, interior components, engine compartment, trunk compartment (jack, spare wheel/tire, tools, etc.) are inspected, serviced and tested prior to intensive detailing. To our knowledge, we are the only dealer in the US to provide this level of attention and detail to their product. Our goal is to provide a truly beautiful car that performs and drives as great as she looks, ready to be enjoyed upon delivery. This process is extremely labor intensive, the results nothing short of fantastic!!!”
“As A Potential Client, If You’re Asking How Our Cars Present In Like-New Condition ——– You Now Know The Answer!!!”
Jerry Coffee, The Founder And President Of Coffee’s Corvettes.




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