1971 Corvette LS5 Roadster

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1971 Corvette LS5 Roadster

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“New Arrival”
“1971 Corvette LS5 Roadster”
“454 Big Block With 4-Speed Transmission”
“Original Documentation”

“Factory Air Conditioning”
“Stunning Mulsanne Blue Finish”
“Beautiful Dark Blue Interior Trim”
“High Dollar Restoration Just Completed”
“Ready For Judging And Awards”
“A Rush Through The Gears With This Big Block Unleashed ——— Priceless!!!”
“Life Is Short ——- Enjoy Your Ride”
“Phone Or Write For Current Pricing”

[email protected]

“Check Out This Incredible Find!!!”
“The Classic Chrome Bumper Corvette From The Muscle Car Era!!!”

“An Unmolested And Unmodified Big Block LS5 Roadster!!!”
“Same Meticulous Owner For The Last 50+ Years!!!”
“Lovingly Kept In His Heated Basement”
“Actual Miles Confirmed On Title!!!”
“Beautifully Restored To Like-New Condition By Coffees Corvettes”
“Original Colors And Codes”
“Stunning Mulsanne Blue Exterior Refinish” (code 976)
“Unharmed Original Body Panels With Excellent Gaps, Fit And Alignment”
“Complete Dark Blue Interior Package By Al Knoch” (code 412)
“New Al Knoch Convertible Top Expertly Fitted To Factory Specs” (code C05)
“Restored, Optional Auxiliary Hardtop” (code C07)
“Optional Black Vinyl Hardtop Covering” (code C08)
“Dealer Installed Chrome Luggage Carrier”
“Optional “LS5″ Big Block Corvette V8 Power!!!” (#s matching)
“Unique Big Block Power Bulge Hood”
“Muncie 4-Speed Manual Transmission”
“Limited Slip Rear Axle”
“Four Wheel Power Disc Brakes” (code J50)
“Factory Air Conditioning” (code C60)
“Tinted Window Glass”
“Original AM-FM Pushbutton Radio” (code U69)
“Original Seat Belts”
“Factory Alarm System” (code UA6)
“Fiber-Optics Light Monitoring System”
“Complete Weatherstrip Replacement Kit”
“Like-New Rally Wheels Fitted With Excellent White Letter T/As ”
“Beautiful Chrome, Emblems And Polished Trim”
“Highly Restored Engine Compartment Features Correct GM Belts & Hoses, Air Cleaner, Valve Covers, Manifolds, Shielded Spark Plug Wires + Most Other Factory Installed Components” (see photos)
“Rust-free Undercarriage Presents Like-New With A Beautiful Frame, Unharmed Floor Pans And Spare Tire Carrier + A New Exhaust System, Brake Hoses & Lines, Fuel Lines, Restored Trailing Arms, Complete Brake And Suspension Systems” (see photos)
“Original Documentation Includes The Owner’s Manual, Dealer Envelope, Warranty Book With Protect-O-Plate, GM Window Sticker, Restoration Photos, Title & Registration Copies” (see photos)
“Gorgeous From All Angles, This Brute Is A True Turn-key That’s Ready To Rock Your World!!!”
“Life Is Short —— Enjoy Your Ride!!!”

“Current Hagerty Evaluation”
#1 Concours Condition ———– $105,000
#2 Excellent Condition ———– $61,000
“Additional Value Adjustments”
“4-speed Transmission” ———— $1800.00
“Factory Air Conditioning” ——– $2,000.00
“Auxiliary Hardtop” —————– $1850.00

“Coffee’s was established in 1975 at this very same location. Classic cars, especially Corvettes are now, and always have been our passion, hobby and livelihood. We have never sought a high volume of sales, but rather chose to offer fewer selections to include some of the best cars that money can buy. To ensure our customer’s satisfaction, our cars are treated to an intensive pre-sale process which is second to none. This includes a comprehensive service of all mechanical systems (front to rear, inside and out) to ensure they are safe and functioning as the manufacturer intended. The chassis, suspension, brake and steering components are inspected, cleaned, restored, replaced or serviced as needed, Once satisfied we move to cosmetics. The exterior trim, paint finish, interior components, engine compartment, trunk compartment (jack, spare wheel/tire, tools, etc.) are inspected, serviced and tested prior to intensive detailing. To our knowledge, we are the only dealer in the US to provide this level of attention and detail to their product. Our goal is to provide a truly beautiful car that performs and drives as great as she looks, ready to be enjoyed upon delivery. This process is extremely labor intensive, the results nothing short of fantastic!!!”
“As A Potential Client, If You’re Asking How Our Cars Present In Like-New Condition ——– You Now Know The Answer!!!”
Jerry Coffee, The Founder And President Of Coffee’s Corvettes.






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