1982 Corvette Collector Edition

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1982 Corvette Collector Edition

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  • 130 Fotor
  • DSCF1586 Fotor
  • DSCF1633 Fotor
  • DSCF1653 Fotor
  • DSCF1681 Fotor
  • DSCF1684 Fotor
  • DSCF1686 Fotor
  • DSCF1694 Fotor
  • DSCF1709 Fotor
  • DSCF1715 Fotor
  • DSCF1675 Fotor
  • DSCF1687 Fotor
  • DSCF1679 Fotor
  • DSCF1648 Fotor
  • DSCF1650 Fotor
  • DSCF1607 Fotor
  • DSCF1625 Fotor
  • DSCF1645 Fotor
  • DSCF1655 Fotor
  • DSCF1646 Fotor
  • DSCF1663 Fotor
  • DSCF1660 Fotor
  • DSCF1658 Fotor Fotor
  • DSCF1656 Fotor
  • DSCF1604 Fotor
  • DSCF1622 Fotor
  • DSCF1608 Fotor
  • DSCF1640 Fotor
  • DSCF1618 Fotor
  • DSCF1666 Fotor
  • DSCF1667 Fotor
  • DSCF1672 Fotor
  • DSCF1619 Fotor
  • P1250915 Fotor
  • P1250916 Fotor
  • P1250928 Fotor
  • P1250929 Fotor
  • P1250917 Fotor
  • P1250950 Fotor

“SOLD”     “SOLD”     “SOLD”
“To A Collector In Kansas”

“Thanks Again Greg”
” May The Sun Always Shine For You, Your Loved Ones And Your Beautiful Corvette!!!” 



Sorry, I haven’t written sooner, still recuperating from bicep tendon surgery.  It’s just recently I’ve been able to take the ‘Vette out for more than just a quick spin around town.  I  just retired October 30th, so now I have a bit more time on my hands to enjoy the new toy.  Just wanted to let you know the ‘Vette is settling into it’s new home.  Runs extremely well, fires up with no hesitation, just like it’s saying “let’s hit the road”.  Hard to believe this is an almost 40 year old vehicle.  
First off, let me thank you & Diane for making this purchase so painless.  I appreciate your professionalism & easy going demeanor.  Everything went so smooth, from the initial phone call, to the final delivery.  This was, by far, the easiest car purchase I’ve ever experienced.  
Ya’ll have a great Thanksgiving & a very Merry Christmas!
Greg Wassenberg
Salina, KS


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