2003 Corvette Z06

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2003 Corvette Z06

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“SOLD”     “SOLD”     “SOLD”
“To A New Home In Virginia”
“Thank You Again Steve”
“May The Sun Always Shine For You, Your Loved Ones And Your Fabulous Corvette!!!”

“Doctor J, hope all is well.”
I have a slight dilemma on my hands.
I absolutely love my Z06, sits in the middle of my other cars like a Prince.
Problem is, with such low miles, I’m hesitate in driving it.
Doc, what would you recommend I do?
Just having fun! Already put 250 miles on it.
Funny thing occurred while I had new tires installed. The owner of the business that maintains my cars looked puzzled and said “ I don’t understand this, it even smells new… how can that be”

“Doc, thanks again for making this the most enjoyable auto purchase I’ve ever had.”

Your Virginia Buddy, Steve

“Attention Collectors And C5 Lovers”
“Check Out This Incredible Find”
“Your Opportunity To Own One Of The Finest Survivors On The Planet!!!”
“An Unmolested, All Original Z06 From The 50th Anniversary Year!!!
“Museum Quality, Just “400 Miles” From New!!!”
“The Last Generation Of Hidden Headlight Corvettes”
“Drop Dead Gorgeous And Ready To Ripppppppp!!!”


“Stunning Torch Red Exterior Finish
“Beautiful Black/Red Leather Interior With 50th Anniversary Embroidery
“405 Horse LS6 High Performance V8 Screamer”
Six-Speed Manual Transmission
“3.42 Ratio Limited Slip Rear Differential”
“Original Titanium Exhaust System”
“Active Handling” —- “Traction Control”
FE4 Suspension” —- “Memory Package”
Power Steering, Brakes, Windows & Door Locks
Dual Zone Air Conditioning – “Tinted Window Glass
Factory Sound System With In Dash C.D. Player
“Optional Electrochromic Rearview Mirrors”
Six-Way Power Driver’s Seat
Head Up Display (H.U.D.)”
Cruise Control” —- “Tilt Steering Wheel
“Optional Color-keyed Body Side Moldings”
“Like-New Z06 Alloys With Original Goodyear F1s”
“50th Anniversary Front And Rear Emblems”
“Original Engine Compartment, Unmolested And Like-New!!!” (see photos)
“Amazing Undercarriage Presents Nicer Than New With Original Tags, Labels And Markings In Place” (see photos)
“Carpeted Trunk Compartment WIth Original GM Tire Inflator” (see photos)

“Documents Include Original Bill Of Sale, Title Copies, Registrations, Annual Inspection Records With Issued Stickers, Service Records, Framed Window Sticker, Factory Build Sheet, Both Sets Of Keys With Fobs, Owner’s Manual, Leather Pouch With Corvette Flashlight And Air Pressure Gauge + Original 50th Anniversary Showroom Brochure, Demo Video Tape And CD”


“The C5 Z06 Is One Of Our All Time Favorites. “Light Weight, Powerful And Oh So Quick!!!”
“A Scream Through The Gears With It’s LS6 On Song —– Priceless!!!”
“A Pure Adrenaline Rush That Should Not be Missed!!!”
“Life Is Short, Phone Or Write To Make It Happen Now!!!”


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