1969 Plymouth Road Runner —— “SOLD” “SOLD” “SOLD”

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1969 Plymouth Road Runner —— “SOLD” “SOLD” “SOLD”

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“SOLD”     “SOLD”     “SOLD”

Hello Jerry,
I apologize for being so late in delivering this testimonial to you but here it is:
I had been browsing the internet off and on for a special car from one model year in a particular body style and particular color for quite a while with no luck. One day I was scrolling down through a seemingly endless listing of that model year and at the very bottom, there it was, a 1969 Plymouth Road Runner Convertible in F-8 Forest Green. I was stunned. I started scrolling through the photos of the car which had reportedly been through a “nuts and bolts” restoration by an outfit called Coffee’s Corvettes. That a Corvette shop would step into the “Dark Side” and restore a MOPAR seemed a bit odd, but car was gorgeous. I made “the phone call” and spoke to Jerry who came across as a very personable straight shooter. Car dealers always try to come across that way but in speaking to Jerry I was convinced he was the real deal. We negotiated the price for the car over the phone and via email. Having settled on a number that seemed fair for both of us, all that was left to do was go take a peek at it in person. We worked out a day we both would be available and I flew out from St. Louis to see the car armed with a three page list of items I wanted to check, from the top of the car to its bottom. Jerry was super accommodating and humored me as I went over the car and even put it up on his lift so I could check the bottom side. The car was stunning in person and everything I looked at was perfect. We completed the purchase on the spot but I’d spent so much time going over the car that I ran out of time and had to get to the airport for my return flight. On the way to the airport, courtesy of Jerry, I realized that though I saw the car driven around to the lift, I had never actually driven it myself! Oops! When the car arrived in St. Louis, I was excited to film the car backing out of the trailer. The truck driver started the car. It rumbled to life, and rumbled, and rumbled but it didn’t come off the trailer. I poked my head in and discovered that the driver couldn’t find reverse so I had the pleasure of driving it off myself. After I’d gotten my new pride and joy home I did find an issue with getting power to the taillights. Jerry and his guys did everything they could to help me walk through it to find and fix the issue. Ultimately it turned out to be a broken wire under that dash and a simple fix. Jerry and his guys could not have been more helpful via long distance.
Finally, what prompted me to finally compose this was the BEST IN SHOW AWARD the car earned at the National Museum of Transportation “Animal” Car Show this past weekend. Thanks again for a great restoration of a great car, Jerry, and for sticking with me to make sure it was fully functional. I’m very glad that you agreed to take a little walk on the MOPAR “Dark Side.”
Best regards,
Frank Palazzo


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