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About Coffee's Corvettes

Since 1975, we’ve been making Automotive Dreams come true for clients from around the world. We are a small, family owned business that has worked very hard to establish our reputation as a top flight automotive source. Our specialty is definitely Corvettes, featuring a choice selection of low mileage originals and outstanding restored examples. Some of the finest Corvettes on the planet have been purchased here. We are also your destination for some very exciting muscle cars, hot rods and specialty vehicles. Give us a try, we’re old school folks who are easy going & anxious to earn your business.

Please write or phone to discuss your desires & to schedule your visit

  • JimJim

    Hi Jerry and Diane.
    The delivery of the Corvette this morning went perfect. The driver was professional, careful and a very nice guy. This car is amazing and absolutely gorgeous. The entire transaction was by far the best vehicle purchase I've ever had. Thank you for making my lifelong dream come true.  
    Jim Curran

  • Tom From New JerseyTom From New Jersey

    I purchased my 1996 Corvette Convertible Collectors Edition from Coffees Corvettes. This is a top notch dealership that strives on providing outstanding customer satisfaction. The cars they sell are a reflection of the high standard they hold themselves to. In addition to the A+ classics they sell, the facility is clean and a great place for Corvette and car enthusiasts to visit. When I first arrived at the automotive center for the first time, Jerry made me feel very welcome. No pressure, no games..just a genuine person who’s passionate about Corvettes and classics. Jerry Coffee is an absolute pleasure to deal with, as is his wife Diane. It is evident that their business is built on honesty and integrity. I couldn’t be happier with my 1996 Corvette, as it has exceeded my expectations. Thank you for selling me such an outstanding car and providing me with a fantastic buying experience! Tom

  • Pat Castleberry From OklahomaPat Castleberry From Oklahoma

    I have purchased my second auto from Jerry Coffee. My first, was a beautiful 1975 Red Corvette convertible that arrived in October of 2017. I enjoy it every warm, sunny day in Oklahoma. My second was a surprise gift for my wife, a 1971 Cutlass Supreme convertible, almost identical to her first car as a teenager, only in much better shape after Jerry restored it for her. Here is the tale, another testament to what a fine, reputable, talented dealership and restoration shop Jerry has, staffed by a magnificent team of auto professionals.

    I started looking for an old cutlass convertible for my wife Laura in the spring of 2019. There are always a number of candidates for sale at any given time but I was looking for a 1971 or 1972 Nordic Blue with a white interior - not so plentiful. I finally found one at a dealer in St. Louis, Fast Lane Classic Cars. Rather than call the dealer, I called Jerry. He was instantly helpful: “ Yep, I know the dealer Patrick. He has a good reputation and will shoot straight with me. I’ll give him a call and see if we can strike a deal.” Jerry called me back the same day with news: “ Looks like it’s a great car with nice paint as is, new top, and strong running motor. It could use some minor cosmetic work on the interior, engine compartment, and probably underneath.”

    In truth, I did not know whether Jerry did restorations. And in truth, he normally does not. I offered to Jerry that I probably fit the profile of his average buyer, i.e., older, have extra income, love classic cars, but have neither the time, tools, talent, nor facility to do any significant restoration. Would he be willing to allow me to ship the car to him to size up what work is needed, then do it? Jerry swallowed hard and said yes, but with one important proviso, “ I’ll make a list of what I would do to the car if I were to surprise Diane with it. I cannot give you an estimate of what it will all cost because I just don’t know what I will find, but I will keep you advised, give you options, then you can choose how far you want to go.”

    So, we shipped the car directly to Jerry’s shop in Pennsylvania. Jerry made a list of “to do’s” that proved remarkably accurate in the end, and he allowed me a few of upgrades (e.g., HEI distributor, modern radio, and tilt steering wheel). Jerry ordered parts for new interior, new bushings, brakes, and countless cosmetic items both under the hood and on the chassis, then professionally installed everything. He kept me posted regularly with progress and photos, and billed me periodically as his costs climbed.

    In the end, my wife had the surprise of her life. That beauty arrived after about 5 months of work. It is simply gorgeous. Jerry even helped me devise a surprise reveal at a local restaurant (had my son park it prominently outside the restaurant so she could admire it as we entered, then handed her the keys at the end of our meal. (Tears, hugs, kisses, pledges to nominate me Husband of the Year, all followed.)

    Thank you again Jerry and Diane. You are marvelous. Not sure if there is a third auto in me. I already need a bigger garage!
    Pat Castleberry From Oklahoma

  • Nancy & Jim SmeltzNancy & Jim Smeltz

    Thank you for making the transaction of the 2018 Corvette a smooth and uncomplicated experience. We absolutely LOVE the car!!!!!
    It was certainly a pleasure meeting both you and your wife, hearing the history of your business and having a tour of your facility. We were treated like family.
    We highly reccomed your superior service to anyone interested in buying a car.
    Thanks so much for the pictures and video of Jim’s first experience driving the car. It is a beauty!!!
    Nancy & Jim Smeltz

  • Lon From FloridaLon From Florida

    As a kid growing up in the car business, I have always wanted a 1978 Corvette Pace car and after having several Corvettes I decided the 40 year wait was over. After all this time, I knew I was after a "time capsule in the wrapper" and Jerry Coffee turned out to be the right guy with the right car! I spent nearly a month putting this deal together with Jerry and he was the most cordial person to work with as he answered numerous phone calls and emails regarding the questions I needed clarified to make this type of purchase. Not only was the car described as I pictured it with all the documentation included, Jerry also was as adamant as I to have some minor things repaired and went out of his way to make sure all turned out well. When Jerry picked me up at the airport in Old Forge to finalize the purchase, he and Diane took the time to be very hospitable and after visiting with them it would be difficult for me to go anywhere else for another collector car. Thank you both very much!

  • Bob GrunowBob Grunow

    Hi Jerry,
    Bob and I would like to let you know how pleased we are with the car, it is beautiful. It is exactly like it showed in the pictures so thank you for being truthful and honest. We do buy a lot of cars from the states and it is a pleasure dealing with people like you. We would definitely recommend you to anybody. If we are ever down there we would definitely look you up and if you are ever up here please stop by and see us. Bob also said you can post our email on your website.

    Thank you very much,
    Jen Moore
    Office Manager/Freight Clerk
    111-2834C Millar Ave
    Saskatoon SK S7K 5X7

  • Kjeld & Lone From DenmarkKjeld & Lone From Denmark

    Hi Jerry ☀️😎
    Thanks a Lot, Lone cried the day we saw your comment on the your website. SOLD SOLD SOLD to Lone and Kjeld in Denmark......... 😁
    We are so pleased to hear that it's now happens. We have waited for this moment a long time and now it feels so good... We now can't wait for August 2 🏡🚘 Holy cow, it will be the day we jumps up and down because off you guys. Hour dreams comes through 🎈☀️🛒🚗🛳️😎😍

    Thanks Thanks and Thanks again you 2 beautyfull people..

    May the sun shine on your way..
    Lone & Kjeld

  • Jay From HawaiiJay From Hawaii

    My Family Celebrates The Arrival Of My Gorgeous Sting Ray!!!
    Best Wishes, Jay From Hawaii

  • Irwin From South FloridaIrwin From South Florida

    Irwin from South Florida:
    I had been wanting a Top Flight 1958 Corvette for some time. I had gone to auctions, gone to dealers, gone to NCRS meets, and looked on the internet for years searching for the right car. Finally the right car appeared for sale on the internet in of all places Old Forge, PA. I had to look at a map to find out where in the world Old Forge PA was. Well Diane and Jerry Coffee have lived there just about their whole lives. In Old Forge, in their showroom, was a rare Panama Yellow and White 1958 Corvette which had won many awards, and also highly optioned (for a 1958 and being a Corvette anyway).
    After speaking to Jerry on the phone we scheduled a day and time a week later when I would fly up from South Florida to see the car. Jerry was kind enough to pick me up from the airport, which is not far from his showroom, but still a very nice gesture. And he drove me back too.
    The car was everything advertised. It was a multiple Top Flight award winner fully restored car which was absolutely stunning. There were binders with complete documentation of every previous owner and all the different top awards the car had won. Jerry then patiently helped me authenticate every number on the car for me to feel comfortable I was potentially (we hadn't made a deal yet) buying a real numbers matching Top Flight award winning 1958 Corvette.
    Well I did buy the Corvette. It was a dream come true. I have wanted a 1958 Corvette since I was a little boy and now this beautiful car was mine.
    After a test drive in the car, Jerry splurged and bought us a few different local pizza's and beer to celebrate my purchase. Who knew Old Forge PA is the pizza Mecca Jerry had been describing.
    Jerry, and his lovely wife Diane help with the paperwork, and the arrangements to transport the car down to South Florida. BTW Diane makes a mean cup of hot chocolate. Ask her about it if you're there in the winter as I was.
    The car arrived in South Florida and boy was I excited. After having and driving the car for a few days I noticed I had a small radiator drip which then turned into a large leak. It turned out prior to my ownership, someone must have known the car had a radiator leaked, and had put a sealant in to stop the leak; instead of doing a proper repair. I sent Jerry an email to apprise him of the situation and he was quick to say this was nothing his shop would condone and then offered to pay for the radiator repairs. True to his word, when the repairs were done I forwarded to him the invoice which was promptly paid for in full. I ask any of you reading this testament; who gives someone their word in 2018, and then follows through? Jerry and Diane do. Would I buy another classic car from them; you bet. I give you my word!!!

  • Tyler From CanadaTyler From Canada

    From the moment I made contact with Coffees Corvettes, I knew that I had made the right decision to buy from there. Beyond the great line-up of 'vettes, there are great people. I purchased a 78 'vette and it was exactly as I hoped for and exactly as called. I purchased it sight un-seen, wired the money and had it shipped home. Jerry made time to answer any questions I had along the way and there were certainly plenty of them. Thanks to him and his making the purchase of my 'vette seamless. I couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much, its exactly as you described and has already brought back so many memories. Bring on summer!!!
    Tyler from Canada

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